Toronto Man Can’t and Won’t Stop Eating Pictures of Jason Segel

This ain't no paper mache

Imagine the aftermath of munching mother nature’s notebook daily. For Noah Maloney this is his reality.

The oddball from Toronto has locked himself into a contract with the world wide web. Noah vowed to eat a picture of Jason Segel every single day until Jason Segel eats a photo of Noah. If you’re just hearing about this now, don’t you worry, Noah has made sure that no one has to miss his munching of Jason Segel’s face. He took it upon himself to upload a video to his Youtube channel “Dog Shit” daily for everyone to see the nibble fest.

Maloney’s only seven days into his Jason Segel face-munching mission. His #eatmyfacesegel hashtag has gained loads of attention after it was posted to Reddit. His first video has already received nearly 550,000 views. Maloney hasn’t heard anything from Jason Segel yet, but Jason Segel’s sister did throw him a shout out via Twitter. Noah truly believes that Jason has seen at least one of his videos and that some day soon Jason will indeed eat his face.

Noah recently got some ink to express his passion towards to munching of Jason Segel’s mug.

He usually likes to do his paper munching behind closed doors in his apartment but occasionally struts his stuff down the streets of T.O.

How proud are you to share the earth with such a determined, passionate guy?

Place your bets on how long you think Noah’s mission will last in the comments below!