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Toronto Has The Largest Number of Cranes Out of All Major Cities

In Toronto it seems that in each and every corner, left or right, up or down, something is being worked on. It would appear that this city is constantly evolving into something much larger. Whether it’s a brand new condominium, or some sort of retail, construction. is. everywhere.

Despite our knowledge of how consistent construction is in Toronto, had we any idea that we could possibly be the number one city out of all major cities in the world? Honestly, no, not really. At least, until today… when the New York Times reported that – dramatic pause – Toronto, in fact, has the largest number of cranes.

According to a RLB Crane Index, a report which determines the number of cranes in all major American and Canadian cities, at the top of the list, Toronto sits with the largest number of cranes and construction. A majority of these projects are created for residential and mixed-use reasons.

Here are the top 10 cities:

97 – Toronto
65 – Seattle
40 – Chicago
36 – Los Angeles
30 – Portland, Ore
28 – Denver
26 – Calgary, Alberta
26 – San Francisco
25 – Washington
20 – New York City

Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

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