Toronto Music Class Photo

150 people saying cheese

Toronto music promoter Joel French has been involved with the city’s music scene for seven years now, but this year he decided to contribute something bigger than what he’s ever done before.

French decided to re-create the famous A Great Day in Harlem photo by inviting every promoter, musician, and writer in Toronto to be featured in one huge group shot.

“We all see each other all year, so why not sit down for a second and show how close we can actually be?”

His idea has been in the works for months now, and it ended up being a great success with an estimated 150 people at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Photographer Ivy Lovell photographed familiar faces including members of Fresh Snow, Hooded Fang, The Beverleys, and Lowell.

“It was nice seeing people reconnect and move from circle to circle chatting with friends,” says French.

In case you missed the event, the organizer is already planning for a 2016 photo saying he “wants to make this a tradition, a yearly event where we all look forward to meeting up for an afternoon.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below: