6 Great Toronto Music Organizations To Volunteer At

Venues, Festivals, Organizations and Radio Stations All Looking For Help

It’s not like basking in the spotlight and having thousands of fans but there are numerous opportunities for people interested in music and wanting to help in their own way. Here are some places in Toronto looking for people to donate their time and energy.

Massey Hall

Massey Hall (and Roy Thomson Hall) have volunteer positions for ushers, tour guides and even “Share The Music Assistants” (an educational outreach organization aimed at disadvantaged youth). The duration is usually a one-year commitment for volunteers. However it is a great way to help people while at the same time being able to listen to some of the great artists who have graced Massey Hall’s hallowed stage. The commitment obviously varies from month to month depending on the schedule of events.

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Canadian Music Week (CMW)

It’s an annual bonanza of bar-hopping ear candy and it’s off on the horizon now. But as they were needed in 2015, CMW will also be looking for volunteers when the time comes in early May of 2016. According to information from the 2015 edition stage managers, cashiers, assistant stage managers, runners and public relations assistants were some of the openings needed to be filled. Due to the nature of CMW and the fact most of the events are in bars, volunteers for 2015 need to be at least 19 years old. More info here.

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North by Northeast (NXNE)

It doesn’t begin until June 15, 2016 but when the time arrives NXNE will be looking for volunteers in a myriad of sections. “Well we like you, but unfortunately we’re not there yet for 2016,” the official site says regarding volunteers. “Stay tuned.”

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Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF)

It’s definitely in the near future and the ridiculously stellar lineup alone might result in Toronto bands not playing wanting to volunteer! The positions are still open according to the site for TURF (running Sept. 16-21 including the bonus club shows). More information is available online but volunteers must “put in three full days of volunteer time” as well as “pre-TURF” meetings. Perks? Meals, VIP plus pass and “2 breaks a shift” to see a band of your choice. More info here.

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Canadian Opera Company

The Canadian Opera Company (COC) has several ongoing volunteering opportunities throughout the year. The locations could vary from office work, being out in the community as part of the COC Volunteer Speakers Bureau, or volunteering at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. After school opera programs were also another volunteering option throughout schools in the GTA. In previous seasons the COC have seen approximately 150 volunteers help out. More info here.

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We’ve got the most amazing street team and are always looking for enthusiastic music-lovers who want to rep us out in the city. Don’t be shy! Check out our volunteer page to find out how.

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