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Toronto named one of the world’s most livable cities by New York magazine

As tradition has it, Metropolis Magazine, a New York-based publication has released their The Best Cities in the world to Live In ranking, and like last year, Toronto has made the cut.

The magazine has ranked Toronto #9 out of 10 the best cities in the world to live in… quite the far drop from last years winning top spot. The reason behind the significant drop is unclear, but Metropolis made note of the city’s anticipated Under Gardiner park, new bike lanes, and desire to create a more pedestrian-friendly street environment.

Toronto is the only Canadian city on the list, sandwiched between Portland and Melbourne.

Check out Metropolis Magazine’s full list of the 10 Best Cities In the World to Live In:

1. Copenhegan, Denmark

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2. Berlin, Germany

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3. Helsinki, Finland

4. Singapore, Malaysia

5. Vienna, Austria

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6. Tokyo, Japan

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7. Oslo, Norway

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8. Melbourne, Australia

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9. Toronto, Canada

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10. Portland, U.S.A

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