Toronto Officially Launches ‘Quick-Clear Squads’ on DVP and Gardiner

Mayor John Tory says it is a "common sense approach"

Following a two month long pilot project, the City of Toronto has officially deployed “quick-clear squads” that are responsible for cleaning up collisions and lane blockages as efficiently as possible, improving the flow of traffic.

This could likely make your commute a lot smoother. During the pilot, squads were able to arrive at the site of a lane blockage within half an hour, while response times without the quick-clear squads could take up to several hours.

Now, a designated team will be monitoring the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway to ensure timely responses to lane blockages, ranging anywhere from minor collisions to disabled vehicles. During the pilot, crews also assisted with traffic control, tow trucks, clearing debris, and laid 58 charges for illegal lane blocking.

Feature image courtesy of Jeff Hitchcock via Flickr.