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Toronto on ‘High Alert’ for Possible Flooding

It’s going to be a wet weekend in Toronto!

After an already soaked spring, and an incoming 40 to 70 millimetres of rainfall expected to drop between Thursday and Saturday, we might have to be on the look out for potential flooding around the city.

Normally the city can handle it, Toronto’s head of Water Lou Di Gironimo told CBC, but it’s been an unusually wet spring so far. With the ground as saturated as it is, it poses the risk of too much water not able to be absorbed.

“We are on alert, more alert than we typically would be with a storm of this size,” Gironimo says. “We don’t know exactly where it’s going to hit, so we have to be ready to respond and that’s always a bit of a challenge. It’ll be a tense few days.”

As The Toronto Star reports, the city is even preparing for a possible evacuation of Toronto Island residents.

The city is asking all residents to check their basins and gutters and make sure they are clear of debris. If you spot flooding, Gironimo suggests you call 3-1-1.

Image courtesy Timothy Neesam via Flickr

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