Toronto Police Badges up for Grabs on eBay

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Toronto police have launched an investigation after being notified that two official badges popped up for sale on eBay Thursday. For just shy of a hundred bucks you could have had your very own completely legit police badge. The pages were taken down Thursday.

Say goodbye to post-secondary education, impersonating a police officer seems to be the way to go. The eBay seller’s name is northernboy50, the items were said to be in Sudbury.

The badges in question were said to be pre-amalgamation versions, so while they’re outdated they’re still a potential danger.

“What concerns us is if somebody tries to use a badge who is not an officer or no longer an officer, then you’re getting into significant criminal liability, and that’s a major concern,” police chief Mark Saunders told 680News.

Officers typically turn in their badges when they retire from the force. eBay did not immediately respond with comment to 680News.