Toronto Police Officer Buys Man the Outfit He Was Trying to Steal

Man let go after attempting to shoplift an outfit for a job interview at Walmart

A Toronto police officer is making headlines after he bought someone an outfit to wear to a job interview.

Const. Niran Jeyanesan was called to the scene after a young man was caught attempting to shoplift a tie, dress shirt, and socks for a job interview. The attempted theft took place on Sunday evening a Walmart in Toronto’s north-end. The 18-year-old was questioned by the officer, which is how Jeyanesan learned that the teenager had an upcoming job interview but couldn’t afford the proper attire.

Not only did Jeyanesan let the man go without charges, but he also purchased a full outfit for him to wear to the interview.

“This young person has been facing his own difficulty in life and he was looking to straighten all that by providing for his family and trying to get a job,” Jeyanesan told reporters.

CP24 was contacted anonymously by others who heard about what Jeyanesan had done.

“Having a conversation with him, he didn’t have any resources, any other way to go about this. I think he really wanted to attend that interview and I don’t think he knew how else to go about this,” said Jeyanesan.

Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart via Flickr.