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Toronto Police to halt rollout of ‘stealth’ grey cruisers

Toronto Police will take a break from rolling out their grey cruisers after chief Mark Saunders determined “further work is necessary,” on the implementation of the new cars.

Toronto city council asked the police to hold off introducing more grey cars into the force “pending further review,” amid concerns the new look replicated an “American model of policing,” according to councillor Michael Thompson. Saunders responded Thursday, effectively shutting down the rollout for the time being.

“As I meet with the people of the city at many events, including numerous town halls, among the subjects that are raised, the new look of our police cars has come up often,” Saunders said in an official statement. “There are people who like them. There are people who don’t like them.

“The concern that has been expressed has convinced me that further work is necessary.

“I have decided to stop the rollout of the new-look police cars immediately. We will not be ordering any new gray police cars. We will set up opportunities for consultation, before we go any further.”

The traditional white, red, and blue cars remain in the picture for now. Numerous grey cruisers have already hit the streets, though.

Thompson questioned the motive behind the switch to the stealthier looking vehicles.

“What I actually see in terms of the policing particularly in these cars is that we’re actually approaching an American model of policing where it’s becoming more militaristic,” Thompson said.

“I don’t know why they’ve been changed, I’m not sure there was a problem with the colours that they are now.”

Saunders appeared on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning last month, stating that “no deep thought,” went into the decision to make the switch to grey. Whatever the case, council has spoken and police have hit the brakes on the grey cars until further notice.

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