Toronto pranksters hand out fake parking tickets to ‘make people smile’

They placed around 500 parking tickets on Toronto windshields

Two Toronto pranksters Erica Bota and Zohar Beryland have placed hundreds of fake parking tickets on windshields across the city all because they wanted to “make people smile.”

The tickets look almost identical to Toronto police parking notices, but these ones have silly notes and inspirational quotes instead of typical vehicle descriptions and ticket explanations. Bota and Beryland recruited 30 “secret agents” to distribute the tickets earlier this week, according to CBC, placing a total of about 500 notices on cars.

“We create this tension in our hearts about getting a ticket and then when we reveal it, it’s actually just a nice thing,” Bota explains to CBC. “So we wanted to play with this idea of tension and releasing that tension in someone.” In fact, the notices even encourage readers to share the tickets on social media using the hashtag #yourefineTO.

One of the infractions read, “Doing a fantastic parking job. Probably the best I’ve seen on this entire street.”