New Proposal Would Allow Urban Chicken Coops in Toronto

Toronto residents can look forward to harvesting their own eggs

A new pilot project will soon be proposed by Toronto’s City Council that will revisit existing bylaws prohibiting residents from keeping chicken coops in their yards. The proposal is said to open the possibility of allowing residential chicken coops in four Toronto neighbourhoods that host spacious backyards.

The motion has not yet been voted on and will likely have to wait until the Fall to be introduced, which could mean backyard chicken coops as early as next summer. If passed, the project will allow residents living within designated neighbourhoods to raise their own chickens solely for eggs. Many residents in Toronto do this already illegally.

Etobicoke Lakeshore Coun. Justin Di Ciano supports the motion and also points out the benefits of raising urban hens.

“If you have a bug problem in your backyard, the chickens are going to fix that. If you want the best type of manure, the chickens are going to supply that. If you want eggs with superior nutritional value, you’re going to want those eggs from a chicken that’s grown in your backyard, not one that’s caged,” Di Ciano told the CBC.

Feature photo courtesy Cowgirl Jules via Flickr.