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Toronto psych-rock outfit Kali Horse unveil ‘New Spring’

Kali Horse have shared “New Spring,” a dreamy new track from the Toronto-based psych-rock band. The song showcases the contrasts of Desiree Das Gupta’s powerful alto and Sam Maloney’s feathery vocal.

Check out the latest from Kali Horse below.

“The ice melts and reveals the ‘New Spring.’ Some Type of Electric Lagoon comes alive, a lush environment with a mind of its own.” the band said via email.

“This bubbly psych-bop has hypnotic layers of acoustic and electric guitars that guide you deeper into the dense atmosphere. Instruments like bugs, scatter and shimmer panning through your sonic spectrum. Harp sparkles with whimsy while crystal singing bowls+tongue drum is the moss. Explorative and playful drums+auxiliary percussion have you skipping deeper into the mind-mending journey, while saxophone wails in the distance. Only a few words are understood, like overgrown ideologies that you run into the ground. The Few who walk here are explorers of the known and unknown.”

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