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Toronto Public Library Sees Backlash After Allowing Neo-Nazi Gathering

Controversy currently surrounds the Toronto Public Library after the public space allowed far-right groups to host a memorial at a TPL branch on Wednesday evening.

The memorial was for Barbara Kulaszka, a lawyer who defended neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and other far-right extremists. The gathering took place at Richview branch in Etobicoke, which allowed the space to be rented out for the memorial.

Kulaszka represented famous far-right Canadians, including Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, a German-born far-right extremist who was eventually deported back to Germany in 2005. Kulaszka also represented Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire, the former a self-identified white nationalist and the latter a former member of Canadian neo-Nazi collective Heritage Front.

The memorial on Wednesday night occurred despite outcry from local human rights advocates and politicians, including John Tory, who asked the TPL not to host the event. However, the TPL has stated that they had to allow the event even if they didn’t agree with it. According to the TPL, they did not endorse the event, but the event itself did not go against their policy.

“We did have staff monitoring the event, and nothing took place that contravened our rules of conduct,” the TPL said earlier today. “We will be debriefing on this event and also reviewing our policy.”

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