Toronto Public Library is providing light therapy lamps at several locations

Including Humber Bay, Parkdale, and Toronto Reference Library

The Toronto Public Library is now providing several light therapy lamps at multiple locations across the city.

Light therapy lamps are designed to replicate spring and summer light levels in an attempt to combat the “winter blues” or even seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression causing fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, weight gain, and sleep disorders in the winter months.

The library will be providing the lamps because research by the Canadian Mental Health Association suggests that 2-3 per cent of the population of Ontario have SAD, and 15 per cent have a similar, but less severe experience. Since light therapy lamps are quite expensive, the Toronto Public Library aims to provide all Torontonians the opportunity to use light therapy if they need it.

Two lamps are stationed inside of each branch, and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The lamps will be available to the public at the following locations:

Don Mills
Humber Bay
Maria A. Shchuka
Toronto Reference Library (5th floor and basement Toronto Star Newspaper Room)

To use the light therapy lamps, all you have to do is sit, read, or work in front of the lamp for 20-30 minutes at about two feet away. Face the lamp and allow the light to shine on your face, but not directly into your eyes, and make sure not to stare directly into the light.

You can learn more about the Toronto Public Library’s light therapy lamps here.
Lead photo courtesy of the Toronto Public Library.