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Toronto Public Pools

Weather predictions have called for cooler than normal weather this summer. Last summer was colder than usual too, except for that huge two-week long heat wave that was a complete test of spirit to those who own/rent an old Victorian (and there are a lot of you.) So when that happens again…check back and find out where those public swimming pools are.

Sunnyside Gus Ryder

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In the days of early Toronto, Parkdale used to be the retreat area, away from the hustle and bustle of it all. That may no longer be the case but the beach remains and the public pool is there, easily accessed for the low price of a $0.25 locker rental. Right by the lake, with the right humidity and a good squint, you can sort of pretend you’re on vacation. Leisure swim is from 5-8pm, plus 10-3:45pm weekends.

Alexandra Park

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Toronto’s worst-kept secret is pool hopping at ‘Dunbat,’ (short for Dundas and Bathurst) a pool in Alexandra Park. But breaking the law isn’t the only way to get a free escape from the summer heat – there is never admission for this public swimming pool. There’s a Toronto Public Library for you to grab a poolside read, and a hospital across the road just incase of any fence-climbing injuries. Take part in their leisure swim Thursday through Sunday from 12-8pm and 4-8pm Monday through Wednesday..

Etobicoke Olympium

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Took swimming lessons as a kid/teen? Good. This is a pool for the true swimmer. Built in 1975 for sportsmen, there’s enough room here to do your thing without bumping into the people who never got further than the doggie paddle. After being renovated recently, this indoor facility has two pools; one that is 50m and one that is 24y, (kept at 27 and 30 degrees) and there are diving boards at a max. fee of $2.00. See their leisure swim schedule here.

Varsity Pool (University of Toronto)

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Open to the public on Sundays, this is an Olympic grade pool and hell, it’s fun to splash around in one of those at least once in your life, no? Ranging from 2.3 metres shallow to 4.2 metres deep, the pool has one- and three-metre springboards, three- and five-metre platforms, and a chairlift. Have some fun at their fun swim! Leisure swim schedules vary per season.

Giovanni Caboto Outdoor Pool

Waterslides, afternoon and evening swim. This pool is outdoor, which is lovely when it gets a bit steamy outside and you realize that no one you know has a backyard pool. Leisure swimming hours are Monday-Sunday from 5-6:30pm, and 7:45-8:45pm and 12:30-4pm Friday through Sunday.

D.D. Summerville Outdoor Pool

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Although it’s still undergoing upgrades for 2015 (ah, yes, those Pan Am Games) the pool is still open for business, which is pleasant news. It’s on Woodbine Beach so you can kind of get that beach-swim feel without worrying about toxin levels. Always a plus! Dive in any day of the week from 4-7pm Monday through Thursday, and 10am-4pm or 5-7pm Friday through Sunday.

High Park Swimming Pool

We’ve all gotten lost in High Park before, so you’re forgiven if you’ve been there a million times and never knew they had a public pool. Leisure swim is from 5pm to 6:45pm and 12:00pm to 3:45pm Friday through Sunday. Admission is free!

Scadding Court

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A free indoor pool with beautiful wooden ceilings in the shape of waves, they fill the pool up with trout every now and then for fishing events, so it’s totally got a unique factor to it. There are plenty of available swim times all week, so grab some friends and dive in.

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