Toronto Puppy Rescued From Dumpster and Given Prosthetic Legs

A team of dog rescuers in Toronto are getting this two-legged pup on all fours

Cupid, a puppy born without front legs, was rescued from a dumpster after being abandoned. Upon being found, he was brought to a volunteer group in Toronto called Dog Rescuers, and was later introduced to Janice Olynich at Leaside’s PawsAbility, who fitted the pup for prosthetic front legs.

Now up and moving, Cupid is adjusting well to his new legs. To make his adjustment easier, the prosthetic legs were attached to skis to allow Cupid to get used to getting up and sliding forward. The team at PawsAbility will be working to get Cupid’s muscles used to standing on four legs. Checkout the adorable little guy’s prosthetic legs below.

Image via The Posh Pooch Boutique/Facebook