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Toronto Residents Could Get Fined For Not Recycling Properly

To cut down on the millions of dollars a year it costs on Toronto’s waste management, the city is implementing a pilot project with an aim of re-educating us on what we should be putting in our recycle bins.

The six month project, “Recycle Right” will have staff walking down the streets of Toronto checking our bins for materials that shouldn’t be there. If they do find something, they’ll be marking it with a yellow warning tag that means they’re coming back to check on it, so you best smarten up.

Apparently around $5 million each year is spent on separating trash from recyclable materials and the city resells about $20 million of recycled products back into the market. If everyone focused on what they put in their bins, it could be the easiest way to save our city millions of dollars.

Here are some commonly mistaken recycled products:

  • Coffee cups from Tim Hortons and Starbucks
  • Dirty containers (ketchup, shampoo etc)
  • Black plastic (plant containers, rotisserie chicken containers)
  • Chains, hoses, ropes, electrical cords

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