Toronto Spa Allegedly Denies Service to Transgender Woman

'Male Genitalia' policy ignites backlash

Body Blitz, a women’s-only spa in Toronto, allegedly denied service to a transgender client on the weekend on account of a “male genitalia” policy.

Weronika Rogula, the friend of the client that was refused service, wrote about the matter on her personal Facebook page last week following the service refusal.

“Women-only spaces should not be for cis (someone who identifies with the sex they were born as) women only, but all women including trans women who are women. We know this and so should they. Bye bye Blitz,” Rogula wrote.

Body Blitz provided the following statement to Metroland Media Toronto on Monday:

“We support the LBGTQ community and recognize that this is a sensitive issue. However, because Body Blitz Spa is a single-sex facility with full-nudity, we are not like other facilities. We recognize that this is an important discussion for single-sex facilities to have and we will seek to find a satisfactory resolution.”