Toronto Student Creates an Under-The-Desk Nap Hammock

Everyone needs a lil' snooze.

Early mornings at work getting you down? In need of a quick snooze? Fear not.

Toronto OCAD student, Aqil Anindhityo Raharjo, has created the nap hammock for under your desk at work or school. It’s called ‘Schnap‘- a made up word from school-nap. Raharjo was inspired to create this work hammock after he noticed his friends at university staying up all night to do homework, but not having anywhere substantial to take a quick snooze.



The Schnap looks pretty straight to the point, and also beautifully crafted. You simply hook the hammock under your desk and hop in for some shut eye.


The Schnap isn’t yet available for purchase, but you can keep updated by visiting Schnap‘s Facebook page until it is.

It’s probable that Raharjo’s been watching a lot of Seinfeld. This is the kind of product George Costanza would be behind.

(Photos by @qlrt via Instagram)