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Catch The Perfect Toronto Sunset (8 Places You Can’t Miss)

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Toronto Is A Hell Of A Place To Catch A Sunset

If you ever need to hit “refresh” on your perspective in life, catch a sunset. Fortunately, for everyone in and near Toronto, Ontario, there are so many prime spots to do so. From parks to bridges and even restaurants, the Toronto sunset is available to you from so many different access points.

Check out this list, and add a romantic sunset to your schedule the next time you’re feeling heavy and in need of some light.

6 Best Places To Catch A Toronto Sunset Any Time Of The Year

1) Polson Pier

sunsets in toronto
Image: @instajamesphotographer on Instagram

This picture shows sunset at a frozen Polson Pier. With its beautiful view of the city and the water, it’s one of the best places to catch the Toronto sunset. If it’s warm, pack a picnic. If it’s cold, pack your gloves and stay for awhile; the views are second to none!

2) Broadview Hotel

toronto sunset
Image: Google Maps // The Broadview Hotel

The Broadview Hotel is a highly rated spot that’s great for visitors. It’s located in a large, lively area with diverse eateries, indie boutiques, and absolutely stunning sunsets. Visit the Broadview and combine history with nature; it was built in 1891, and people were watching the sunset there over a century ago!

3) Riverdale Park East

toronto sunset
Image: @teddypwilson on Instagram

Riverdale Park East is a popular tobogganing spot and an amazing place to watch the sunset. It’s a huge park, with skyline views to ponder, as well as an ice rink and sports fields. It’s a perfect place to have a free date night and watch the sun go down on the city.

4) Tommy Thompson Park

toronto sunset
Image: @tommy_thompson_park on Instagram

Tommy Thompson Park is a natural park preserve on a narrow peninsula. It features 10 km of paved trails for walking, rollerblading, and cycling. The Toronto sunset here is amazing; one of the best in the city. Walk around, sit by the water, and enjoy some rich conversation as you watch the sun dip below the city in the far distance.

5) The Humber Bay Arch Bridge

toronto sunset
Image: @blogto on Instagram

This stunning photo was taken before some condo buildings went in, however it’s still a breathtaking spot to watch the sunset. Walkers and cyclists alike love this modern lakeshore bridge which is part of the Martin Goodman Trail.

6) Toronto Island

toronto sunset
Image: @torontoislandsunset on Instagram

Watching the Toronto sunset at Toronto Islands is one of the best things to do as a visitor. You’ll feel like a local as you sit with the other humans and dogs, breathing in the fresh air, and marvelling at the beauties of nature. Located just across from mainland Toronto, you can also enjoy various recreational activities and a theme park close to the beaches.

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