Toronto suspends removal of city’s basketball hoops after video blows up Twitter

City will review practice after video showing staff taking down a park net goes viral

Toronto city staff have suspended the practice of removing outdoor basketball hoops from parks, effective immediately. A video showing a city employee taking down a net at Phin Park, near Danforth and Greenwood, went viral Wednesday night, effectively forcing mayor John Tory’s office to respond.

It is not an official city policy to remove hoops from parks, but it’s been a longstanding standard practice to take them down on courts situated near residential housing. The city is set to review the practice, but for now the nets will remain up.

The video of the net coming down at Phin Park comes just 10 days after the Toronto Raptors captured the franchise’s first NBA championship. Raptors president Masai Ujiri commented on the city’s abundance of missing hoops during his year-end press conference.

The city’s chief communications officer, Brad Ross, told CBC’s Metro Morning on Thursday that the nets were being taken down as the result of noise complaints from neighbours living nearby courts.

Toronto parks regularly house outdoor skating rinks during the winter, which can operate well into the night. Does anyone recall ever seeing city staff showing up to remove hockey nets or lock rink doors?

The nets will remain up, for now. Let the kids play.

Image via Flickr/Wendy Berry