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Toronto Tattoo Artist Offers To Cover Hedley Tattoos Free of Charge

Lizzie Renaud, a tattoo artist and owner of Speakeasy Tattoo, is offering to provide cover-up work on Hedley tattoos free of charge. Renaud took to social media to announce that she will provide as much free work as possible in the wake of serious and damning sexual misconduct claims against members of Abbotsford, B.C.-based band Hedley.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences cancelled Hedley’s scheduled performance at The Juno Awards earlier this week following numerous claims, some involving girls as young as 14, flooding social media. So, if you’re someone who elected to express your Hedley fandom via body art, Renaud is your hookup to cover it up.


On Thursday, a 2005 investigation by London police into an underage girl being drugged at a Hedley show came to light.

London police “had found a young woman, unconscious with no shoes by the TD Bank, which was a block away,” Rob Bazinet, who worked at London’s all-ages club Embassy, recalled. “They took her to the hospital, they ran a blood test on her because they thought she might be drunk or on drugs, and it came back that there was rohypnol [known as a date rape drug] in her system.”

The girl’s shoes were later found in the venue’s green room.

Hedley are currently moving forward with current touring plans, although they have banned press from covering their concerts.

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