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Toronto Themed Swag Shop Could Be Headed to City Hall

The Toronto Government Management Committee is pushing to build a Toronto themed store at City Hall that would make Drake shed a few happy tears.

Coun. Mary Margaret McMahon (Ward 32 Beaches-East York) wants the gift shop to sell everything from TTC branded buttons and mugs, to paintings by local artists.

A motion by McMahon urging staff to consider the possibility of the Toronto swag shop passed at the Government Management Committee meeting, Tuesday. Up next, is city council in the fall.

McMahon said the venture could act as a revenue tool for the city, by helping raise cash for Toronto’s overdue list of infrastructure projects.

“I think it’s a good idea to have some sort of a presence,” Mayor John Tory said last week, “but we have to be careful that a public building does not turn into a sort of flea market.”

What Toronto swag would you like to see at the city-themed gift shop? See out list of essential online Toronto shops for inspiration.


Image courtesy The Peace Collective via Instagram

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