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Where to Hear Toronto’s Most Cringeworthy Tinder Nightmares

Totally Toronto is a daily feature that airs weekday mornings on The Josie Dye Show at 6:25, 7:25 and 8:25am. Listen and follow along with Candice for the talk of the day.

It’s Totally Toronto to talk about your Tinder dates. It’s even more Toronto to have Tinder ruin your favourite restaurant. You take a couple Tinder dates there, they don’t go well and you can never go back. Tonight at The Gladstone check out Tinder Tales live where people get up on stage and share their worst dating stories. Listen to Andy’s story about an impromptu cruise that went horribly wrong after only knowing the woman for a week, on Totally Toronto below.

You can watch Tinder Tales the 2nd Tuesday of each month at The Gladstone.

Dean is the host at The Gladstone and a regular participant. He’s been on a number of bad dates himself including this one.

They also have bigger event at the Royal Theatre.

Listen to the bad date that prompted producer Adelade to start Tinder Tales. This “tale” takes place at the Toronto Islands. To find out how she ended up in the emergency room, listen to Adelade’s Totally Toronto dating story here.

You can follow Tinder Tales on twitter for upcoming event details.

Totally Toronto airs weekday mornings on The Josie Dye Show at 6:25, 7:25 and 8:25am. If you would like to be a taster/tester for Totally Toronto please email candice@indie88.com

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