Toronto to host town hall meeting regarding City’s music scene

Have Your Say In Toronto's Music Scene

This is a town hall meeting you might actually want to to attend. On April 25th, there will be a public gathering to talk about the city’s music scene at The Great Hall. Much better than a stuffy corporate building!

A bunch of city representatives will be in attendance to answer questions and participate. Don’t be surprised if you see some recognizable faces in the crowd – we’re sure there will be some important people voicing their opinions. The meeting is free and will happen on April 25th at 2pm. If it’s anything like the panel discussion that happened in January for Wavelength Talk Series at the Hunt Club, it’s going to be a full house. The owner of the Garrison, Shaun Bowring, will be in charge of moderating the event.

Can’t make it? No worries. The whole chat will be streamed live and rebroadcasted on TRP, a local underground radio station.