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Toronto trio Sauna share upbeat, synth-driven track ‘Get Strange’

Made up of Fake Palms’ Michael le Riche, Weaves’ Zach Bines, and Greys’ Braeden Craig, Sauna have shared a new single, “Get Strange.”

The track comes from their forthcoming album, Dose Yourself, out this Friday, May 25th. Today’s release is a pulsing, synth-driven anthem. With disco-tinged, electronic melodies and stunning harmonies from James Baley, “Get Strange” is sure to get you dancing.

“I’m excited to finally release this record,” le Riche says of the forthcoming collection. “It was such a different process than anything we’ve ever done before. We tried new things, experimenting with different sounds and genres and filtering them through what we thought Sauna was capable of. It captures a very specific moment in time, and it’s a record that wouldn’t be made now.”

Listen to “Get Strange” below.

“We’re different people than who we were when writing this record,” le Riche continues. “But it’s a snapshot of who we were for a brief, roughly two year period where nothing was off the table. It was an exciting process working with Chris Sandes at Palace Sounds, having such a great ear for ideas and being open to every whim we had. It wouldn’t have been the same without him. I loved making this record and I hope people take it in as a whole.”

The forthcoming Sauna album serves as the follow-up to their 2019 EP. On Dose Yourself, the band weave in and out of a whole slew of genres, ranging from modern psychedelia to house to early 80’s hip hop and disco.

In addition to “Get Strange,” Dose Yourself features previously released singles “Float,” “Only Luck,” and “Modernization.”

Check out the tracklist for Dose Yourself below.

Dose Yourself Tracklist:

01 – “Only Luck”
02 – “You’ve Come Along Way”
03 – “Fortune Teller”
04 – “Float”
05 – “Dose Yourself”
06 – “Modernization”
07 – “Golden Light”
08 – “Get Strange”
09 – “Tongue Tied”

Sauna have some tour dates coming up. Check them out below.

Sauna Tour Dates:

May 28th | Monarch Tavern, Toronto, ON
Jun 8th – 11th | Lawnya Vawnya, St. John’s, NL
July 23 – 25th | Hillside Festival, ON

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