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Toronto Trivia Nights

Some people know that Bern is the capital of Switzerland. Other people can easily tell you the name of Millhouse’s first girlfriend in the Simpsons. Perhaps you are one of those people. We all have unique and special talents and if you’re a trivia nerd, it’s just really nice when there’s a place where you can be appreciated for this. Here are some trivia nights hereabouts this town called Toronto:

The Beaver, Netflix Trivia

the beaver 2
It’s been a harsh, cold, winter and even though we all tell each other “nothing good is on there,” we’ve all seen way too much Netflix. Thank goodness there’s a trivia night where all this watching can finally pay off.

The Cheesewerks, Food Fight Trivia Night

CHeese werks
With a sign-up fee of $4 and space for nine teams, this one is a winner, mostly because the questions are all about food, and this excites many. Who invented sriracha sauce? Is Dr. Oz actually a heart surgeon? Is kale really all that great? This is for people who know these things.

Cadillac Lounge, Simpsons Trivia Night

A trivia night so cultish it has its own twitter. Not everyone is into Simpons trivia, there were a lot of seasons with a lot of minute details in one-liners, but those who are keen on it are generally very impressive. Come for the trivia, stay for the drinks.

Toronto Pub Quiz League

Like karaoke, there are some events that go from pub to pub, created by people separate from the drink dispensing establishment. Toronto Pub Quiz League is like that, a way to meet friends without joining a rec league and doing anything overly athletic, like baseball or axe throwing. Spring season starts May 5th, so if you’re interested, get ready. Pub Stumpers Trivia League is also good for this.

Stout Irish Pub, Nerd Night

stout irish pub
This calls to many-a-heart. While nerds may be shunned in many drinking establishments and social environments, Stout Irish Pub celebrates them like the precious, sexually attractive gems they are. Tuesday nights at 7:30, expect to “field trivia questions on any and every topic, and identify diverse images and song clips.” Hurrah.

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