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‘Tis The Season For Toronto Tubing! Our Top 5 Tubing Picks

The Season For Snow Tubing Is Almost Upon Us!

If you’ve ever bounced along at a high speed behind a boat in the summer, then you know how fun tubing can be. But did you know that Toronto tubing on snow is becoming more and more of a thing? This trendy and super fun adventure is a riot for the whole family.

The beauty of snow tubing in Toronto, or anywhere really, is that you don’t need to practice to enjoy it as you do with skiing or snowboarding. And it’s just a little bit more fun than sledding, for some reason.

Tubing in Ontario is a fast thrill, but because you’ve got some cushion, it’s not as much of a bumpy ride as sledding. This is the perfect outdoor activity for the whole family… or a group of rowdy friends.

Toronto Is A Snow Tubing Wonderland

Toronto Tubing
Image: @thejourneyofamyjean on Instagram

Who knew there were so many tube-specific hills in Toronto? Toronto tubing has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. There are lots of local community hills, but you can also take some day trips to get on some even more fun and exhilarating hills.

With varying distances outside of Toronto, the list we’ve put together for you will give you all the details you need to jump on this awesome winter sport with your friends or family.

What You Need

Toronto Tubing
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While you can definitely buy your own snow tube, most places have them available for rental. This tends to be a better option, because then you don’t have to transport these large, cumbersome flaps of material that will then need to be inflated upon arrival.

You’ll obviously need some good winter clothing so you don’t freeze your buns off. You don’t need any special boots or shoes, just something that’s going to keep your feet dry. Gloves are pretty much essential, as you need to hold on for dear life as you’re flying down the hill! If you want a more detailed description, check out this post solely dedicated to preparing for your day of tubing.

Other than that, maybe bring a little rum or whiskey in a flask if that’s your thing, and you’re good to go!

The 5 Best Toronto Tubing Hills To Shred Up This Winter

1) Chicopee Tube Park 

Toronto Tubing
Image: @chicopeetube on Instagram

Before you head to this epic Toronto tubing destination, you’ll want to sign this waiver in advance. It’s a new process they’re working with, and they ask that everyone get on board so it makes things more simple for everyone.

And it will be worth it! Chicopee Tubepark is one of Ontario’s premiere destinations for snow tubing, and you’re guaranteed to have a blast! They have rentals for you, as well as options for dining and staying overnight if you’d like to explore that.

Keep tuned in to their website so you can get up to date info on when the slopes are open!

2) Lakeridge

Toronto Tubing
Image: @lakeridgetubepark on Instagram

As far as tubing in Toronto goes, this hill is nice and close, and also really well planned-out.  It’s only about an hour and 20 minute drive, and the hills are really well-maintained. Go here to get all the information you need to blast down this hill on a tube and have the winter adventure of your life. Your admission fee includes two hours of unlimited snow tubing, your tube rental, and lift.

Go here to book your spot in advance – it’s always a good idea!

3) Horseshoe Resort

Toronto Tubing
Image: @this.brave.heart on Instagram

Snow tubing Toronto lists wouldn’t be complete without a solid shout-out to the tubing facilities at Horseshoe resort. They’re amazing! Named as one of the most amazing snow tubing destinations in Ontario, this hill is well-thought out and fun as it gets.

This must-do winter activity needs to be purchased in advance, and the prices are reasonable. You can find the hours of operation here… this is truly one of the best hills to go tubing in Ontario.

4) Snow Valley

Toronto Tubing
Image: @beactivewithsab on Instagram

Located just two hours outside of Toronto, Snow Valley is a great spot for your tubing adventures. Whether you’re there with your family, or even on a work trip, they’ve thought of everything to help you have a unique and fun experience.

Make sure you plan your visit ahead of time, however. Snow tubing tickets need to be purchased in advance of your arrival day, and daily tickets are limited.

5) Arrowhead

Toronto Tubing
Image: Hunstvilleadventure.com

Snow tubing is becoming a really popular sport at Arrowhead Park. A lot of people love it here because it’s so family-friendly, but also offers the thrill of their somewhat steep hills.

As you and your family slide down the hill, you’ll be surrounded by all the natural beauty of this gorgeous provincial park. You can also take in the trails, do some snowmobiling, or even go snow-shoeing while you’re at it!

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