Toronto Twitter Bike Cop’s Account Suspended Over ‘Appropriateness’ Concerns

Parking officer Kyle Ashley's Twitter account is under review, apparently

Toronto parking enforcement officer Kyle Ashley became something of a local Twitter celebrity this past summer thanks to his efforts to keep the city’s bike lanes clear of cars. Ashley earned a great deal of vocal support from cyclists for his work soliciting help from Twitter users to keep automobiles from blocking bike lanes, and keeping everyone up to date on his efforts via his Twitter handle @TPS_ParkingPal.

That account recently vanished from the social networking site, which led some curious users to reach out to Toronto Police for an explanation. It turns out that Ashley’s tweets may have proved somewhat problematic in the eyes of his peers. His account was “temporarily suspended” over concerns of appropriateness in some of his posts.

“We’ve had some complaints about some of what he’s been doing,” police spokesperson Mark Pugash said in an interview with the Toronto Star Friday. “We’ve had concerns and that has escalated and while the complaint and the concerns are being looked into it’s been temporarily suspended.

“We’ve had numerous complaints and concerns and we thought the prudent thing to do is investigate them and suspend the account while that’s going on. We’ve had complaints ranging around the appropriateness of some of the things that he’s been posting on Twitter.”

Ashley routinely asked followers to point him to areas where drivers frequently violated parking laws. Hopefully efforts to keep drivers from clogging up the city’s bike lanes continue in Ashley’s absence from social media.

Image via YouTube