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Toronto vs Chicago: Why Toronto Is The Superior Lakeside City

Toronto On Lake Ontario

Toronto is so unique as a city, but that doesn’t stop the endless comparisons between Toronto and other cities. For example, the Toronto vs Chicago argument has existed for decades, with strong arguments on both sides around which city is better overall.

Basically, Toronto is one-of-a-kind. It shares a lot of similarities with Chicago, such as the tall buildings, cool baseball stadiums, and lakefront location. However, just because the two look similar from above doesn’t mean they’re so comparable.

Toronto wins, as far as we’re concerned.

Chicago On Lake Michigan

toronto vs chicago
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Chicago definitely has some plusses to it in the Toronto vs Chicago showdown. With a 2.6 degrees Celsius average higher maximum temperature, cheaper monthly transport, and younger population, the city has a lot going for it.

However, Toronto comes through in so many key ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Toronto vs Chicago: Ultimate Showdown

Music Scene

toronto vs chicago
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Toronto is the largest centre for music in Canada. The artists who are creating this forward-thinking music are a vital part of Toronto’s culture. In addition to being an economic driver of the city, Toronto’s music scene is also diverse, youthful, and accessible.

Sports & Stadiums

toronto vs chicago
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With world-class stadiums like Rogers Centre, Scotiabank Arena, and Lamport Stadium, Toronto can host events that you’ll remember forever. Rogers Centre is the biggest sports venue, and can seat 49,280 spectators.

Conversely, Chicago’s biggest arena can only hold 23,500 people. Another factor to consider is that Chicago is historically much more violent than Toronto. Even in 2018, Chicago had a staggering 670 murders, while Toronto had just 66. This could very well be a consideration when you’re thinking of sports and stadiums in Toronto vs Chicago.

Good Eats

toronto vs chicago
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Toronto has a fantastic, eclectic, and sophisticated dining scene. With over 7,500 restaurants across 158 neighbourhoods, you can explore options ranging from fine dining to family-run restaurants with a cult following.

From the best pasta in Toronto to the best Indian restaurants in Toronto you can find so much variation and such high standards for your dining experiences.

Comparing Skylines

The Toronto skyline is on track to have more skyscrapers than Chicago, to start. Whether you check out the skyline from Humber Bay Park or you go all the way up to the CN Tower, there’s good reason why the skyline is so famous.

Chicago’s skyline, also featured below, is beautiful. But it doesn’t compare to the variation and the views you’ll enjoy in Toronto.

toronto vs chicago
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toronto vs chicago
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Our Take: Why Toronto Overshadows Chicago Every Time

Toronto is a super friendly city, with less violence and lower property taxes. In fact, the cost of living in Toronto is a whopping 7.4% less expensive than Chicago.

Toronto is also a super multicultural community. The culture is diverse, and the lifestyle is healthy as well. There are so many fun things to do, and you have lots of access to green spaces and parks. The water quality is high, and major bonus: free healthcare.

The vast dining options, accessible people, and modern business environment all contribute to our (slightly biased) opinion that in the Toronto vs Chicago argument, Toronto wins every time.

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