Toronto’s 7 Best Grilled Cheese Spots

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Oh, the grilled cheese sandwich! That combination of words just melts your heart, doesn’t it? It’s really too gouda. It’s one of those magical delicacies that can be enjoyed for any time of the day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even a late night munchies panic.

Whether you’re looking to start your day properly or end your night on a high, we’ve got you covered. But first, let’s reminisce with this twisted, sensual Elmer Fudd cartoon.


Aunties And Uncles

74 Lippincott St, $8
For the genuine retro diner experience, try their grilled Canadian cheddar with tomato with some housemade ketchup in Harbord Village. They’ve been doing brunch for 17-years. Trust A&U for affordable and hearty vibes. While we’re on the topic, Aunties And Uncles is a portal for brooding Canadian musicians. Check out the time that Bahamas’ spent a day stocking their kitchen or that other time that Hayden performed an intimate session.

Canadian cheese & Peameal Bacon sandwich #good_for_lunch #iwannabeer #torontolife

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Burger’s Priest

Various Locations, $13
Love grilled cheese? Love burgers? Have you ever thought of combining the best of both worlds into one delicious creation? Sometimes dreams become realities. It’s called the Vatican and the law of diminishing returns does not apply.

Can't decide between grilled cheese or burger? At BP you don't have to. #burgerspriest #grilledcheese

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Melt Grilled Cheese

300 Richmond St W, Prices range
This staple of Richmond Street West is conveniently located near the Entertainment District and is mega affordable. Mega! If you’re searching for the classic sandwich of melted cheddar, this is your hub. They also provide variations of bacon, avocado, pulled pork with gluten free and vegan options a plenty.



791 Dundas St W, $14
Minimalist eatery experiences are so now. Throw some mellow doo-wap into the mix and you have arrived to west Toronto. Formerly an after-hours club, the space has been gutted to provide you with the most monochromatic meal. Their grilled cheese’s secret is the smoked west briskey with montreal spice, but don’t tell anyone.

Check out our new sandwich board at 791 #dundaswest

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1199 Dundas St W, $6
Take out on a budget. Owner and chef Ren Mercer has been working in high-end restaurants for over two decades and worked with some of the top chefs, including Marco Pierre White. He left that world to start-up this business with his wife, Ruth Magbanua after focusing on developing a healthier diet. It’s a chemical-free, non-GMO, organic, plant-based experience. The grilled cheese? Aged cheddar, ancho onion chutney with burgundy truffle honey. Try their double fudge brownies.

Hearty vegetable soup, grilled cheese and avocado sandwich, sunchoke chips. #gmofree #organic #delicious #healthy

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56 Bathurst St, $7-10
Toronto’s Willy Wonka Factory of grilled cheese. It has the classics. It also has the imaginative concoctions that are featured on a menu inspired by the city: The Danforth, The Toronto, The Koreatown, The Little Italy and so on. Artisan grilled cheese.


Harvest Kitchen

124 Harbord Street, $12
They’ve dubbed this joint “flexitarian” that have diet dishes ranging from vegetarian to carnivore. They’re not renowned for their oozing sandwich option and it’s criminally underrated. We kindly recommend the upgrade to Niagara gold.


(Main photo by anjuli_ayer via Flickr)