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Toronto’s Best and Most Bizarre Delivery Services

Maybe you’re sick, or drunk, or busy, or lazy. Whatever is preventing you from leaving your place won’t prevent you from getting almost anything you want in Toronto, with just one phone call (or text, or online order). Gone are the days of simply ordering in some Chinese. We’re now in an era of seeing how long it’s possible to stay indoors thanks to the modern day delivery service. Challenge accepted!


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Classic delivery but as fast as possible. You want food, but want to avoid busy places or want to treat the entire office to a brunch meeting without leaving the boardroom. Try Foodora or Door Dash. Want to avoid cooking for a week? For a delivery meal service, look at Vegan On The Go, Fuel Foods or Green Zebra Kitchen if you need someone else to feed you healthy stuff.


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Green Earth Organics shut down after almost 18 years in Toronto, but baskets of organic and/or local food — from fresh to pantry foods — can still be yours. Give
Mama Earth Organics or Real Food Toronto a try.


You never know what you might need and when you might need it. Warning — the rush deliveries might take up to an hour, so plan accordingly. Try Come As You Are or HOTME (Heat of the Moment Express).


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Maybe you’re planning a party but don’t have time to get to the liquor store, or the game has started and the beverages are running out. Call Dial A Bottle Toronto, Thirstie or Instabuggy. The latter will also deliver from Costco if you need a disgustingly large jar of puffy cheese balls to go with it. Oh yeah, and the LCBO also delivers, but may take up to 3 days.


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Forget hoverboards and self-tying laces. What people really wanted in their future was weed delivered to the door. Waiting in a sketchy place for a sketchy weed guy is a thing of the past. Try WeLeaf or find whatever’s closest to you with Weedmaps.


Maybe it’s better that you don’t know it’s possible to get sweet goodness delivered practically into your mouth. But hey, who are we to withhold information that might change your life? Look into For the Love of Cake and Sweet Flour. Bakers might need some time to get the goods to you, which will enable you to set up your place so it seems like you’re having a party and not just one person ordering a dozen cupcakes on a miserable Monday evening.

Everything Else

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They make multiple stops, they go to “basically anything that’s open,” and they deliver “anything you want.” Snap Delivery or Favour Delivery are two options for everything from prescriptions to printing to toothpaste to a lighter to a notebook to Kinder Eggs. This is the life.
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