Toronto’s Best Donuts

The five spots you need to know when craving a crueller

It has been said that donuts (or doughnuts) make the world go round—or something to that effect. A staple in any decent Canadian’s diet, those perfect mounds of cakey perfection have too-often been relegated to the supporting role, fighting for the spotlight hogged by the undeserving double-double coffee. Challenge yourself this summer: Look beyond the glaze and make friends with some of the most unique pastries this city has to offer. We’ll get you started with the five best.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

1596 Queen Street West

Hand made with love (and yeast), the owner of this much-adored Parkdale firm take painstaking efforts to craft the perfect pastry each and every day, churning out delicious and unique concoctions that make you forget about the hilarious, yet less-than appetizing name. Take a break from the tiresome chocolate and gorge on a freshly baked Lemon Bomb.

Monday – Friday: 8am-7pm; Saturday – Sunday: 10am-6pm

SanRemo Bakery

374 Royal York Road

This Etobicoke institution has been perfecting the art of baking for nearly fifty years. Having recently toyed with the idea of downgrading their donut selection (emphasizing quality over quantity), you can rest assured that variety will always be a top priority. While you’re there, visit the gelato bar and throw a dollop of nocciola (hazelnut) between two chocolate dips.

Tuesday – Saturday: 8am-7pm; Sunday: 8am-6pm

Through Being Cool Vegan Bakery

1277 Bloor St West

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Another bakery with a great philosophy, TBC prides itself on local, organic vegan ingredients in all of their mouth-watering offerings. The classic rainbow sprinkle – sans cream – is an awesome twist on a classic and comes highly recommended from faithful followers. Be sure to arrive relatively early in the day. By mid-afternoon, it is slim pickins’ as freshness is key to a dairy-free dessert.

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am-7pm; Sunday: 10am-6pm

Von Doughnuts

713 Danforth Avenue

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With its sleek and sexy interior, and a gourmet menu featuring elegantly titled fare (Poached Pear, One Night Stand), one might think that this Danforth gem oozed with pretension, like so many overstuffed Boston Creams. Nothing could be further from the truth. Von Doughnuts make pastries that more than live up to their names—so many in fact, that each day of the week features its own roster of ooey-gooey goodness. Peanut Butter Jelly Time is available every single day. Hint. Hint.

Tuesday – Thursday: 8am-6pm; Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-8pm; Sunday: 10am-5pm

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

376 College Street

Billed as the original gourmet doughnut destination, Jelly Modern continues to revolutionize the business with its daring take on tradition, popping out expertly crafted eats that look more like works of art than breakfast. These pastry chefs go above and beyond, offering up daily gluten-sensitive options, and adding serious flare to traditional ingredients, like the Red Velvet with cinnamon mascarpone cheese icing (don’t let Orange Is The New Black tell you otherwise: Red Velvet is a thing. And it is spectacular).

Tuesday – Thursday: 7am-6pm; Friday: 7am-7pm; Saturday: 10am-7pm; Sunday: 11am-7pm

(Photo by Scott Ableman via Flickr)