Toronto’s Best Hidden Patios

Hide and go sip

Like any true Torontonian, I’ll admit I’ve spent more time looking for a good patio than actually sitting on one.

Since the warm season here in the city is fleeting, stop wasting time looking for that perfectly picturesque patio and trust us to do the heavy lifting for you. Here are the best hidden patios in Toronto that you might have missed:

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A staple for east-enders, Betty’s is one of if not the greatest bars on all of King Street, so why should it be any surprise that they also have a kick-ass patio.

The Three Speed

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A relatively new spot on Bloor Street, The Three Speed is one of those delightful finds. It’s a cozy watering hole for cocktails, beers and grub, made complete with a patio fireplace.


Done Right Inn

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I promised a friend a long time ago that I would never share our favourite patio bar in the city, but here I am spilling my secrets to the world. This local watering hole is just steps away from Trinity Bellwoods and offers a laid-back environment to sit and savour the peak of Summer.

Aft Kitchen

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Just past the Don Valley along Queen you’ll find this hidden paradise where you can sit back, relax, and gorge yourself on smoked meats like BBQ ribs and smokehouse sandwiches in peace.

Cafe Pamenar

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Need a coffee or cold drink on a hot day and a space to have an intimate chat with a friend? Check out Cafe Pamenar on Augusta Ave; it’s a perfet spot for a first date!



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Tequila, tapas and live music is the name of the game at this Ossington cocktail and tasting joint. When the band takes a break, head to the patio in the back for a cozy nightcap.

La Cubana

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Bovine Sex Club

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You might have been to Bovine Sex Club a hundred times before, but did you know they have a killer back patio? Behind the legendary Queen West locale lies one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, a tropical oasis tiki bar with picnic bench seating.


Cloak and Dagger

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Unlike the dark interior of this College St. Irish bar, what lies behind is a spacious patio covered in greenery.


Playa Cabana La Libre

This Mexican-inspired restaurant boasts a truly impressive back patio, lit by overhead lanterns and festive decor. The only tough question is whether you’ll want to come during the day or at night.

Loons Pub

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Loons Pub is a little cottage-esque paradise just east of High Park. Complete with a wooden deck and Muskoka chairs, it’s an excellent spot for west-enders looking for comfort food in a comfortable seat.


Sweaty Betty’s

You’d be hard-pressed to find Sweaty Betty’s not crammed with hipsters on any given day of the week. If you can make it through the crowd, make your way to the unsuspecting back door that opens to a spacious and secluded back patio.


Rebel House

This self-proclaimed “wholesome” Canadian pub is a good spot to grab food really any time of the day, but an especially worthy destination on a hot summer day. With plastic garden chairs and a massive parachute umbrella, you’ll feel like your sitting in your eccentric neighbour’s backyard.

Fonda Lola

Fonda Lola is a pretty excellent spot for genuine Mexican style food, and it happens to have a really picturesque looking patio in the back. If you needed a reason to crush a couple margaritas with your pals, this would be it.

Harvest Kitchen

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A spacious, well-decorated patio sits behind this organic and ethically focused restaurant.



This French-Canadian casual fine dining has a surprisingly spacious and quaint back patio. Make this Ossington restaurant your destination, or plan B when the patio at Bellwoods Brewery just steps away is too busy.

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