Toronto’s Best Places to Watch the Game

9 Great Places To Watch The Game

In order to be on this list, 3 key things are needed: great food, a good selection of beer, and big screens. The bars included have all that and more. Whether you’re a Raptors, Leafs, or Toronto FC fan, these spots will give you a great atmosphere to take in the game.

The Dog’s Bollocks
dogs bullocks
Located just west of Bathurst on Queen, Dog’s Bullocks has massive community tables so you can get cozy and make some new friends. It’s hard to find a day that doesn’t have a deal on wings or pitchers and there’s a big projection screen playing whatever the night’s biggest event is.

Wheat Sheaf
wheat sheaf
After recently discovering that Wheat Sheaf is Toronto’s oldest tavern, it’s an even better excuse to grab some buddies and head over – it’s a part of history! They have 10 screens so don’t worry about choosing a seat with a view. There’s also a nice selection of both Irish and British beers on draft so you can try something new.

Real Sports Bar & Grill
tfc real sports
It’s an obvious choice, I mean “sports” is in the title, but it’s hard to say this place doesn’t have an amazing atmosphere. Primarily known from being a popular spot to watch our beloved Leafs break our hearts, they also have you covered for Raps games, TFC and just about everything else. Oh, and if you haven’t been before, one of their 200 screens is 39 feet tall.

The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub
the dizzy
It may not appear to be a sports haven by glancing at the outside, but just walk in to have your mind completely changed. The Dizzy has great staff, delicious food, a plethora of screens, and the traffic the bar brings in gives the games a live feel. The only downfall is the owner is an Ottawa Senators fan and likes to “proudly” show it off by wearing his jersey.

If it wasn’t for this saloon, The Junction could still be dry. Shoxs is known for having spearheaded the campaign to get alcohol flowing in the west-end neighbourhood once again. They have three pool tables for you sharks out there, 17 screens, and 15 beers rotating on tap. There’s plenty of room for large groups of friends too.

The Loose Moose
loose moose toronto
The Loose Moose is a very popular spot to grab a couple pints before heading to the game, it’s also a great spot to stay and watch it. The food is on point, the people there are just as into the game as you are, and there’s a TV no matter where you’re looking.

Dog and Bear
dog and bear
The Dog and Bear is pub food done absolutely right. It’s not the worlds biggest bar by any means but they have huge booths for you and your friends to cram into, enough HD TVs to catch the game from any seat in the house, and a 70 inch projection screen at the back. It helps that the staff are just as into the games as you are.

Hoops Sports Bar & Grill
There are a few Hoops locations kicking around the city, but that doesn’t bother us. There are enough screens to have a few different events on if your game isn’t the most popular that night. Cheap food and lots of beverages that will satisfy your thirst and maybe bring out your inner fan.

Fox and the Fiddle
fox and fiddle
Showing the east end a little love, if you make your way to the Danforth, you can find a bar that ISN’T specializing in Greek food (is that even legal?). If it’s a sport and it’s televised, you can bet it will be on here. This Fox locale is usually packed, so if you are looking for a nice quiet meal, this isn’t the place to go.