10 Of Toronto’s Best Street Food Stops

For all you on-the-go foodies

Along with cherry blossoms, warm air, and endless sunshine, spring and summer provide T.O with some of the greatest street food stops ever. There’s grub to fit any mood your in, or whatever the weather is making you crave. We know you love enjoying the fresh air outside, but isn’t it better when it smells like some fried and spiced goodness? We’ve picked ten places you need to put on your food bucket-list for spring/summer ’18; so check them out!

churros ricos churros

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Head to Churros Ricos Churros to taste some of the most delicious churros in the city. The Peru-based company made it’s way to Canada five years and specializes in the fried sweet with fillings like milk caramel and chocolate. They’re usually located at Toronto’s Habourfront Centre, so keep on the look out!

hot bunzz

The most beautiful buns you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Hot Bunzz Street Cuizine is cooking up their version of the traditional Asian bao, an artisan roll stuffed with amazing flavours all wrapped in a perfect, on-the-go package. They’ve got some mind-boggling combos for all your carnivore or herbivore needs, so check out their pop-up schedule and be the first in line!

kanto by tita flips

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Market 707 is the place to go for some home cooked, Filipino comfort food. Kanto by Tita Flips creates some heart-warming classics and modern takes on traditional cuisine! One item you need to get your hands on is their sisig fries: grilled offal meat chopped into fine pieces with a marinade of lemon, vinegar and spices, topped with Lechon Kawali (pork belly) and garlic lemon aioli on a bed of crispy fries. Is your mouth watering yet?

Soup Bar by Feed it Forward

Head to Feed it Forward to support Toronto’s first first subsidized, Pay-What-You-Can and Pay-It-Forward eateries. Chef Jagger Gordon set up this stop in Market 707 to help feed the people in Scadding Court Community and bring awareness to the problem of food waste and food insecurity. Enjoy some fresh bread along with some delicious soup or one of his delicious paninis! You can’t go wrong with a cause like this.


You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Japanese fried chicken! Gushi Japanese Street Food will have you dreaming about their specialty Gushi Fried Chicken/Karaage for weeks after eating it. You can try it in one of their delicious meal boxes, on a skewer, or even just buy a whole box of it. We won’t judge. Their new location on Dundas is just calling your name.

The Eggman

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Say ‘hey’ to the cities first gourmet, breakfast food truck! They’ve got all your favourite meals to go, whether your craving an on-the-go breaky burger or some eggs benny. Their game-changing item is the breakfast poutine: bacon, sausage AND peameal mixed with a cheese blend, and Tater Tots laying under a blanket of hollandaise sauce. This meal topped with chives and cracked roasted pepper corn will be a new breakfast fav of yours.

Hot Dog Man

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You think we would make a list without including this iconic street food item? Check out the stand that has been holding fort on Ryerson campus for over 25 years. It all started when the orginal owner, Ronald Keith Alexander (a.k.a Ernie the Hot Dog Man), made a unique bbq sauce in his uni days – which left everyone on campus talking about him! Go check out Ernie’s legacy!

fidel gastros

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Voted #1 food truck in Canada, Fidel Gastros is serving up some of the craziest, yet delicious combinations ever. There’s something so inviting about the sound of peanut butter, pulled pork, and bacon jam sandwich, am I right? This popular truck is often seen outside the ROM on Friday’s, so be sure to snag a sammy along with their well-known Pad Thai fries!

Bake Three Fifty

Ice cream counts as street food, right? You’ll never go back to a regular ice cream truck after experiencing Bake Three Fifty. You can DIY any cupcake or ice cream sandwich of your desire with some delicious toppings. I mean who doesn’t want a candied bacon and peanut butter sammy? There’s endless combinations for you to try and sink your teeth into, so go get one now!


There’s a reason they won Food Network’s “Food Truck Face Off” back in 2014. FeasTO is Canada’s first dumpling food truck and is known for their many creative flavours for handmade dumplings and other Asian inspired snacks. The line-up for their delicious creations is worth it when you taste their pho beef dumplings, shrimp wontons or banh mi sandwiches. Keep an eye on their social media for their next location near you!

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