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Toronto’s Best Thin Crust Pizza

Looking for Toronto’s best thin crust pizza? Look no further.

“A work of art like the Mona Lisa. It’s gonna be high like the Tower of Pisa. But to get there, you don’t need a visa… Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A! Gimme pizza!”

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s immortal words speak to the undeniable, unifying power of cheese, sauce and crust. Throughout the big smoke, pizzeria options range and for you — we’ve chosen some of our favourite thin crust masterpieces.

Oh and make sure you a prepared for a gloriously cheesy feast by arming yourself with these game-changing pizza inventions!


Over the counter, quality pizza with pedigree in the hands of Best Pizza In Williamsburg and Libretto. It celebrates the culture and style of New York pizza appreciation. These are accessible by the slice, by delivery and yes, there are vegan options.

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With a small but mighty menu, this Junction gem serves some of the best thin crust pies in town. Terroni veteran, David Mattachioni, opened the Italian bodega, selling house-made salads and sandwiches. They’ve since welcomed a wood-burning oven and menu of made to order pizza.


Genuinely certified by the VPN (Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana), meaning that it has received the stamp of approval for being authentic neapolitan pizza, it features some of the purist combinations with some experimentations with duck and blue cheese.


Often referred to as the best pizza in Toronto, the three outposts in FiDi, Queen West and Rosedale offer various feels for Southern Italian style za that is a fine transition from your cellophane wrapped leftovers to adulthood. What began as a four-stool panini store in 1992 has become one of the finest eateries AND there’s a rooftop patio at both the Queen West and Rosedale locations.

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Owned by a pair of ex-Sicilians, you know this is the kind of za that you can trust. It trades the sophistication of rival pizzerias to focus on the art, which also means that table waiting is not an issue. Stay classic and order their Margherita, prepared by the former chef of Queen Margherita Pizza.

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