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Toronto’s Brand New Cassette Tape Shop Is Now Open

Please tell us you haven’t thrown out your old Walkman and that all your mix tapes from middle school are still intact.

Dupe Shop, AKA, Toronto’s new cassette store and analog emporium opened a little over a week ago, and it’s already a hit.

“We are going to be selling pretty much exclusively cassettes,” said Malin Johnson, manager of the new store, located at 1185 Bloor St. W. near Brock Ave.

“Not only do we have local labels but we have international labels represented here and we’re getting more and more stuff in by the day. But we also have a pretty good selection of new old-stock.”

The shop which promises a wide selection and will provide a DIY station for customers to make their own mix tapes. They will even make copies of your CDs, VHS, tapes, and more.

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Yup, the ’90’s are definitely back. What tapes will you be taking to Dupe Shop?

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