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Toronto City Councillor Hopes It Will Soon Be Legal to Drink Alcohol in Parks

Mary-Margaret McMahon, Toronto city councillor, hopes that mobile craft beer trucks will soon become available at skating rinks and in Toronto parks as early as this winter.

McMahon, who is the councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York), has been the driving force behind allowing mobile craft beer trucks into city parks.

The councillor told CBC Toronto that “It’s been a little slower than I would have liked because I was hoping that we would have something in place for the summer.”

Currently, you can only drink or sell alcohol in Toronto parks by permit, but McMahon says it’s time for Toronto to catch up with other cities and countries. She even points out that many people are already doing it illegally with thermoses.

As evidence, she turned to Toronto Pride, stating that “it was very successful to have loosened up our restrictions as much as we could.”

Mayor John Tory suggested on Thursday that if people can smoke marijuana in parks they should be able to also enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

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Toronto may make it legal to drink in city parks this summer

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