Toronto’s Dirtiest Jobs You’re Lucky You Aren’t Doing

Not all heroes wear capes

A lot of us spend our days inside an office at the comfort of a desk, with air conditioning and a weekly cleaning service. The only thing dirty we really come close to are the keyboards we type on and the office microwave.

The real heroes of Toronto are the brave people cleaning our streets, homes and sewers. Without them, it would be a disgusting dump filled with Tim Hortons cups and raccoon poop.


Cleaning Up After Hoarders

When all the stuff that’s been piling up in your garage for years is now running as a hotel for critters, the smell of the animals’ feces will carry on in to your home. There are jobs that not only get rid of all the hoarded stuff, but clean the room so it’s safe to live in again.


Pigeon Cleanup

With no designated place for pigeons to poop, most of it ends up on roofs or the streets. It can get tracked into your building where it combines with dust to degrade interior air quality. These jobs get rid of the mess and installs solutions to all the bird poop problems.

Dead Animal Cleanup

When the funeral wrapped up for this Toronto raccoon someone did actually have to come get it off of the sidewalk. These jobs will pick up animals like squirrels and skunks, but the little critters like mice and rats are up to you.


Sewer Cleanup

Ninja Turtles aren’t the only ones down in the sewers. Probably the crappiest job you could ever have, as well as the most under appreciated.



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In a nutshell, Gastroenterology is the study of anything affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which is basically everything that relates to from your mouth to your anus, and everything in between. Gastroenterologists are the medical professionals that perform less than glamorous medical procedures like colonoscopies and endoscopies.


Street Sweepers

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Street sweepers aka vacuum cleaner cars seem like the most fun job on the list, and without them your fresh white vans would turn brown by the end of their debut. The sweeper sends all the dirt, grime and trash to the centre of the machine, where you’re stuck smelling it all day long.


Rogers Center Cleanup

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Ever wondered who cleans up after you leave a Jays game at the *ahem* Rogers Center. The fine men and women at who clean the dome stand by waiting for your event to end, before spending hours picking up on average 15,000 pounds of garbage a night.


Crime Cleanup

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Being on a crime scene is disturbing as it is, but being the one to clean it up takes it to a whole new level.


Festival Cleanup

The amount of garbage and personal items that are left at festivals is downright disgusting. One person’s trash isn’t always another person’s treasure, especially when that trash are things like razors, diapers, and puke bags.


High Rise Window Washer

A dirty job indeed, and not to mention a terrifying one. The only benefit of having this gig is it’s pretty much the CN Tower EdgeWalk minus the $250 it costs to do it.



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Embalming, or the process of preserving a body after death dates back to the days of Ancient Egypt. Back then only the wealthy were “mummified” after death, but today is pretty much standard practice. Embalmers are the ones who prepare corpses for viewing, a nasty job that consists of removing all blood and gases from the body, and “beautifying” them.

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