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Toronto’s Famous Cube Homes Sold To Make Way For Condos

Located just north of the Distillery District, Toronto’s eye catching cube apartments have just been sold. And the buyers are likely to tear the homes down to build condos.

Real estate developer Jeff Craig and real estate expert Taso Boussoulas purchased the apartments for $2,750,000 back in May.

There will be a new condo going to be built on the land, so the home must be removed. The cube house is actually three small apartments, each contained by a cube and suspended in the air with the help of a giant metal pole. Tenants will also be given notice to leave at an unknown date. The plan is to disassemble the cubes, but there is also a chance they they will be relocated elsewhere, or donated to the city.

“Our preference is that the cubes are relocated elsewhere on a city owned property, not demolished,” Boussoulas said on Friday. “We would happily donate them to the city.”

Originally built in 1996 by architect Ben Kutner and his partner Jeff Brown, the structure was inspired by Dutch architect Piet Blom’s cube homes in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

It is unknown when the homes will be redeveloped, but if you haven’t seen them yet, now’s your chance.

Image courtesy christopher_76_ via Instagram

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