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Toronto’s First Poop-Themed Cafe is Doing Their Business

Toronto has proven that once you throw a theme on any run-of-the-mill idea, it becomes crowd-pleasing trend. The city’s latest venture? the Poop Cafe. Because what’s better than eating things that look like poop, right?

Over Thanksgiving weekend Toronto opened a poop-themed Café, where customers are able to eat their food off of toilet-shaped dishes, while sitting on toilet-shaped furniture. A dream come true for some.

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Of course, the beloved poop emoji has a few cameo appearances throughout the restaurant; smiling back at you while you eat a big serving of chocolate ice cream from a bowl shaped like a toilet.

It comes by no surprise that this excrement-themed café is the first of it’s kind here in Toronto, specializing in desserts, ice cream sundaes and Hong Kong-style waffles.

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Owner, Lien Nguyen, told the CBC that the idea conspired while traveling abroad, as poop-themed restaurants are actually a hot commodity in other parts of the world. Who knew bowel movements could be so gratifying.

“My goal is people laughing and people already did,” Nguyen said. “Who doesn’t laugh when they hear about poop?”

It’s true. Deep down, aren’t we all just kids laughing at poop?

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