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Toronto’s first real Indie radio station…but not without your help!

PRESS RELEASE – March 2, 2012
Indie Toronto (88.1 FM)

Toronto, Ontario – Indie fans, the GTA and Canadian Indie musicians have the opportunity to put a real Indie radio station on-air in the city of Toronto; 88.1 on the FM dial.

The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) called for proposals for use of 88.1 FM, the frequency previously used by CKLN FM.

With the launch of www.indietoronto.ca, today marks Indie Toronto’s campaign to prove to the CRTC that a real Indie radio station is essential in a city that has such a major impact on the Canadian Music industry.

“We’re very excited about Indie Toronto.  We want Canadian Indie musicians to have a chance to have their music played on the radio and we want Indie fans to be able to enjoy to it” said Doug Bingley, President of Indie Toronto and Central Ontario Broadcasting – An independent broadcasting company operating Rock95 and 107.5 KoolFM for 24 years in Barrie, ON.

At www.indietoronto.ca you can listen to the kind of music you will hear on Indie Toronto. Musicians can upload their music for a chance to be the Indie Artist of the Week, make it on the Indie Toronto playlist, or be featured in the album review. There are also several blogs you can read through.

“An Indie station in Toronto could become one of the most important stations in the country, but we really need support from the public to make this happen.  People need to go to the website and sign the online petition to help put us on-air.” says Bingley.

If you want to help get Indie Toronto on-air click on www.indietoronto.ca and sign the online petition. The site also shows how you can write an intervention which is a more powerful statement of support to the CRTC.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about Indie Toronto please feel free to contact us.

Interview Contact:
Doug Bingley, President of Indie Toronto
Telephone: 705 797 8701
Email doug@indietoronto.ca

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