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Toronto’s Heaven For Real share fun-loving video for jangly new single ‘Do Your Worst’

Halifax-born, Toronto-based project Heaven For Real have shared a video for their new single, “Do Your Worst.”

The track comes from their forthcoming album, Energy Bar, out September 16th via Mint Records. “Do Your Worst” is a jangly, energetic track with slack-rocker vocals and dreamy melodies. Co-directed by Mark Corless and Mark Grundy, the accompanying video sees Heaven For Real members hunting for instruments in the city streets, and bringing them back to perform with the rest of the band in nature.

“‘Do Your Worst’ is a song that signals the counterpoints of affirmation,” Heaven For Real’s M. Grundy explains, “someone’s best might be someone else’s worst and vice versa, everyone has their own vision and versions of these and we’re often caught up trying to figure out which is which for ourselves.”

Watch the video for “Do Your Worst” below.

A friend of the band described Heaven For Real’s signature sound as “hyper college rock.”

“I could see us veering in a million different directions,” Mark explains. “[But] we’re using guitar rock as something of a palette to draw from, dig into, a lane to drive in. This is where we’re at (for now).”

Mixed by René Wilson, Energy Bar was recorded at Port William Sound with Jonas Bonetta.

“The record is an analysis and an ode to the broader feelings of ‘potentiality’ – what could be, what things will mean, where things are going; the sense of wondering, questioning, attempts at growth and self-analysis and acceptance,” Mark adds.

In addition to “Do Your Worst,” Energy Bar features the previously released “Slow Clap.”

Pre-order Energy Bar here or check out the tracklist below.

Energy Bar Tracklist:

01 – “Slow Clap”
02 – “Do Your Worst”
03 – “Wait In The Doorway”
04 – “Energy Bar”
05 – “Further The Thrill”
06 – “Lateley”
07 – “Underwater Song”
08 – “Years In My Mirage”
09 – “Take It Away”
10 – “Noon Riser”

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