Toronto’s iconic Cadillac Lounge is closing

This Cadillac is out of gas

Iiconic Toronto bar and live music venue, Cadillac Lounge, will be closing its doors next month.

As reported in BlogTO, Cadillac Lounge owner Sam Grosson confirmed that the bar has been sold after nearly two years of being listed for sale

Grosso told BlogTO that he isn’t sure what will take the lounge’s place but he believes that the venue is “going to be gutted.” He also added that “From what I hear from my agent, [the new owners] are not interested in leasing it out as a bar or restaurant. I don’t blame them.”

The Cadillac lounge first opened in Parkdale in 2000 and was instantly recognizable due to its neon pink signs and Cadillac attached to the front of the building.

The last business day will be July 14th so make sure to check it out before its gone!