Toronto’s Interactive Snow Plow Tracker Finally Comes In Handy

Plow T.O. is great for snowy morning commutes

Interactive snow plow tracker Plow T.O. makes commuting easier for Torontonian’s.

The new app shows the locations of Toronto’s snow plows in real time, showing local residents what streets are being cleared in the midst of snow storms.


The city of Toronto’s maintenance crew looks after the app, making sure to track the progress of snow removal on the city’s roads and sidewalks. On the application you can view almost 1,000 plowers and salters on the map as they work. There is also a legend on the side to show users which ones have been taken care of and how long ago they were done.

According to Torontoist the app was something that Toronto city and council staff have been pushing for a while now.

Although it may not seem like it, the city of Toronto has a strict policy on how snow plows and salters work. When the snow hits five centimetres, the plows are sent to main roads and expressways until it stops snowing. Local streets are only plowed if the snow reaches eight centimetres and plows are not deployed until it stops snowing.

(Photo by vaDOT via Flickr)