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Toronto’s Lenny Bull shares new ‘modern-day romance’ ‘Mother Lover’

Toronto artist Lenny Bull has shared a video for her new pop-rock single, “Mother Lover.”

Today’s release serves as the follow-up to Lenny Bull’s 2019 EP, Sharp Teeth, and her recent single “Elevator.” “Mother Lover” was primarily recorded live-off-the-floor, and it really captures Lenny Bull’s powerhouse live sound. With gritty surf rock guitars and retro vocals, the track is definitely a must-listen. Directed by Brjánn Batista Bettencourt (3B Photography), the accompanying video was performed live at Toronto’s B Space.

“‘Mother Lover’ is a modern-day romance – a song about a girl who’s been dating a ‘mama’s boy,'” Lenny Bull explains. “She’s been trying to coax him to get away with her but this guy just can’t get his shit together. A winner or a snoozer – which one is he? If he can’t make his mind up soon, she’ll have to move on with her life. The verse is written from the perspective of someone watching and the chorus is what she’s saying to him. Plot twist… this girl’s a little bit wild. Does our guy want that drama in his life or should he stay home with mommy?”

Watch the video for “Mother Lover” below.

“I wanted it to feel like we were on stage WITH Lenny Bull, as if the viewer was sitting front row at the concert and incapable of escaping the ultra high level energy and nuances of the performances,” Brjánn adds of the video. “I’ve always believed that RocknRoll music was meant to be experienced live, it’s not meant to be perfect and ultra technical, it’s about an energy, a state of mind that allows you to get lost in a song.”

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