Toronto’s Most Instagrammed Spots

10 common views from the 6

These are the photos you took years ago but scoff at when you see them on your feed. “Everyone takes this photo” you say to yourself as you scroll past their photo without liking it. (Full disclosure: I’ve taken many of these same shots myself.) Take a look at some of the most common Toronto photos you’ll seen on The Gram.

The You’ve Changed Mural at Queen & Dovercourt

A photo posted by Frankie Alexandria (@xofranks) on


The Bottom of the CN Tower Shot

A photo posted by Nolan Crook (@crookie_1703) on


The Beer and Jays Game Point-Of-View

A photo posted by Coco Chanelle (@ayo_coco) on


The Toronto Skyline Shot from the Island/Boat

A photo posted by Booty Quake (@bootyquake) on


The Cherry Blossoms at High Park


Graffiti Alley South of Queen between Augusta & Spadina


The Cameron House Mural: This Is Paradise

A photo posted by Caragh Maher (@cajamaher) on


The Beloved Honest Eds Sign

A photo posted by Vivek McCague (@vivekmccague) on


The Very Aesthetic Sugar Beach


Iconic Toronto Venue Massey Hall

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(Main photo by: Ashton Pal via Flickr)