Toronto’s Most Notable Comedians

Check out Canada's Comedian Alumni!

Whether it’s film, television, improv or stand up – there’s nothing better than a great comic performance. As laughter is the best medicine, and Canada is full of legendary comedians, we put together a list of legends you may or may not have known started out in our very own city, Toronto!

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Dan Aykroyd

This legendary Comedian, Oscar Nominee and Ghostbusters co-creator has got us wondering, is there anything Akroyd can’t do!? After graduation from Carlton University in 1972, he joined The Second City comedy troupe – performing in Toronto and Chicago clubs. Akroyd was then cast on Saturday Night Live in 1975, co-creating memorable sketches such as “The Blues Brothers” and “Two Wild and Crazy Guys.” He remains to be one of Canada’s most famous comedians!

Martin Short

An alumni of SNL and The Second City, it’s clear Short has no comedic boundaries! The legend graduated from McMaster University with a degree in social work, however, after graduating he was lured to Toronto where he was cast in the now-legendary production of Godspell. The rest is history!


Catherine O’Hara

Born and raised in Toronto, O’Hara began waiting tables at local comedy bar, The Second City – in which managers took notice of her, and recommended she join the club. From there O’Hara landed a spot on SCTV, and remained on the show for three years. Her talent in writing for the show won her an Emmy. She went on to star in films like,Beetlejuice, Home Alone and more! You can now catch her on the hilarious CBC sitcom, Schitts Creek.

Mike Myers

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Born and raised in Toronto, Myers began his career in comedy the day he graduated high school. According to sources, he took his final exams in the morning, auditioned for Toronto’s Second City comedy troupe at noon and was hired later that afternoon. From there Myers went on to join SNL, adapting a sketch from the show into the 1992 smash hit Wayne’s World. It’s safe to say this Canadian Comedian is nothing short of legendary.

Dave Foley

As a teenager, Dave Foley dropped out of high school to do stand-up comedy. He met Kevin McDonald at a class with The Second City, and together they began working as a team. In 1984, they merged with Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson to form “The Kids in the Hall” who achieved immense success with their sketch comedy. Foley’s film debut was at 22 as the lead in the Canadian film High Stakes. Best known for his work in The Wrong Guy, Blast From The Past and Sky High.


Jim Carrey

Born in Newmarket, Ontario, Carrey took off for Toronto to perform at Yuk Yuks at the young age of 15 – for the next few years Carrey continued on to perform in comedy clubs all over Canada. At the age of 19, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles. There’s truly too many to count when it comes to Carrey’s comedic trophies, however we can’t help but name a few – The Mask, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and the list goes on.

Rick Moranis

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Who could forget the 80s’ classic Honey I Shrunk The Kids?! This Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer is nothing short of hilarious. Born in Toronto, Rick began his career as a radio DJ while he was still in high school. This ultimately led him to write, produce and air on his own show. In 1976, he went on to join the Canadian TV series SCTV and won an Emmy or his work. From there Moranis went on to be a part of legendary shows and films.